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Contact Us

If you want to be a part of A Sweet Punch,mail us-


You may be wondering what "A Sweet Punch" is all about?

We have a passion - it's baking!
We have a mission - its making baking simpler (for everyone).

So we (Divya, Ria and Maria) will be trying a variety of baked goodies from the following, one for each month of the year:

1. Cakes: Bundts, Filled Cakes & Plain Cakes
2. Cupcakes & Muffins
3. Roulades & Swiss Rolls
4. Tarts, Pies, Quiches
5. Cold & Hot Puddings
6. Mousses, Souffles (sweet & savory)
7. Galettes, Cobblers, Crumble
8. Meringue Cookies/Cakes
9. Bars & Brownies
10. Cookies
11. Breads
12. Your Choice

These names may sound fancy, but don't worry... we'll take you through them step-by-step. We hope this will be a learning experience for you and us too!

You may also be wondering how "A Sweet Punch" works?

At the beginning of each month (i.e. on the first), the Sweet Punch Team, will reveal a recipe for that month. Members (Contributors) will have 1 month and 1 week to prepare their post, with pictures.

As an example, the Sweet Punch Team would reveal a recipe on May 1st, 2010 (Reveal Date) and you as a member / contributor need to bake it and take the pictures and post it by June 7th, 2010 (Post Date). Going on, in the same manner, the recipe announced on June 1st, 2010 should be posted on July 7th, 2010... and so on.But, remember, the recipe can be posted only on the reveal date or after that...never before!

The Sweet Punch has got ts own domain - The roundup for each month will be posted on that website.

If you have your own blog, you can also post a copy there (but pls link to this sweet punch website too). However, if you're not a blogger. Don't worry! You can email us the your pictures to (You can't get any simpler than that!) Remember, all you need to do is just write about your experience in trying out the recipe, any notes, tips, suggestions and of course - the pictures!

Contents on the Blog

The recipe for the month will be published by the Sweetpunch Team. The bloggers need to email their permalink and pictures. The non bloggers can email your experience in making the dish, any different techniques/ideas you tried, any tips & notes you want to share for that recipe along with the picture. The mail id is Since the recipe is already posted in the website, you dont have to send it again.

What do I need for "A Sweet Punch" (baking tins/equipments) ?

A basic round , a cup cake tin a square/rect. would be more than sufficient unless you want to get creative and bake in different shapes :)

A bundt is not exactly needed, you can place a condensed milk tin wrapped in foil in the centre of the tin and bake.

If there is a rect. tin, you can cut it into half and make a square...also by not filling the tin more than 1/4 , you can make sheet cakes.

Shapes like loaf etc is purely optional.

When it comes to tarts/quiches... a specialised tin would be nice...or else you can bake it in a stainless steel plate (with sides) too!

Whenever we publish a recipe using specialised tin, we will try our best to give the alternatives too. We dont want any fancy baking tins and stuff like that to keep you away from baking :)

Can I suggest a recipe for "A Sweet Punch" ?

Yes and no. We'll be introducing a very cool feature to vote for your favourite recipe from July 2010. The recipe with the highest votes will be selected in the following month. Later on, we'll open the floor for suggestions from you.

I'm not a blogger, can I post other recipes to A Sweet Punch blog?

Sorry. A Sweet Punch is exclusively created to share the baking experiments of the group. You can always share about your experience, your success or failure, your suggestions, your tips or any notes in relation to the revealed recipe.

I'm interested to join the group! How do I start?

To become a member/contributor - just email the Sweet Punch Team at - we'll take it from there!